Used machinery

Used industrial production and packing machinery

More cost-efficient production with serviced used industrial equipment

We sell, buy, rent and broker high-quality used production machinery and lines. Used equipment is an economical solution for automating the different phases of production for small and large operators alike.

If we do not have a suitable unit in our warehouse, we will acquire one through our Europe-wide network. Contact us and ask for the used unit you need.

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Capping machine

Filling and dosing

Filling Systems ISO-GP

Bottle filling line

Manufacturer: Filling Systems
Type: ISO-GP 32-42-6
Year: 2003

Tetra Pak and Astepo

UHT Packing line

Aseptic Visco with Contherm
Manufacturer: Tetra Pak
Type: Contherm

Filling machine
Manufacturer: Astepo
Type: CAF 2H/1”
Amount: 2pcs

Big bag filling machine
Manufacturer: ABF
Year 2004

Emball Speedscales

Dosing scale


Scale Filling Machine

Manufacturer: Calumatic
Year: 1991


Vacuum filling machine with different filling tubes

Manufacturer: Vemag
Type: Robot 500
Vuosimalli: 1991

Packaging and sealing

Prepac Minipup

Pouch packaging machine

Manufacturer: Prepac
Type: Minipup IS CPUP N.G

Dimac Star

Shrink tunnel

Manufacturer: Dimac
Type: Star F 30
Year: 2003

Krämer Grebe Tiromat

Thermoforming line

Manufacturer: Krämer Grebe
Type: Tiromat VA 490L
Rail width: 520mm


Box forming machine

Manufacturer: Orfer
Type: D-8915
Year: 1997

Automation + Fördertechnik

Tray former

Manufacturer: Automation + Fördertechnik


Aluminium cap sealing machine

Manufacturer: Calumatic
Year: 1992

Klökner Ferromatic

Horizontal bag machine with volume dispenser

Manufacturer: Klökner
Type: Ferromatic PV 4
Year: 1994

Aseptic packing

FBR Elpo Mini

Aseptic filler

Manufacturer: FBR Elpo
Type: Mini AS-i 250/2
Year: 2010

SIG Combibloc

Aseptic packing machine
Manufacturer: SIG Combibloc
Type: CF 507AJ
Year: 1994

SIG Combibloc

Aseptic packer with capping and pasteurization machine.

Manufacturer: SIG Combibloc
Type: CFA 207-21
Year: 1999

Type: CM/AES 100/2
Year 1999

Capping machine
Type: ACF x 12-12
Year 2007

Pasteurization machine
Type: 1021/94
Year 1995


Aseptic pack capper. New.

Manufacturer: Koneikko Finland Oy
Type: 142
Year: 2013

SIG Combibloc ACF

Aseptic capping machine.

Manufacturer: SIG Combibloc
Type: ACF
Capacity: 7000-12000 packaking per hour
Year: 2007

Production lines

Den Boer Ovenbouw Maxoflex

Automatic pizza and pie production line

Used great condition. Full line directly from use, including tunnel furnace and dough baking machines. For pizza and pie base.

Oven manufacturer: Den Boer Ovenbouw Holland
Dough machines: OP T Root
Year: 1997
Operating time: 3500 hours

Line including:

Machine: Oven damper conveyor and unload system
Manufacturer: Den Boer Ovenbouw Holland

Machine: Tunnel furnace
Manufacturer: Den Boer Ovenbouw Holland
Type: Maxoflex 86110

Machine: Dough rise
Manufacturer: OP T Root
Type: BRK

Machine: Dought cutter
Manufacturer: OP T Root
Type: HD 95-3

Machine: Dought grab
Manufacturer: OP T Root
Type: KOB370V

Machine: Hydraulic unit
Manufacturer: Doedijns
Type: QT42-032/42-032


Belos Jopal


Manufacturer: Belos
Type: Jopal
Year: 1995




Manufacturer: RTL
Type: 8340/1
Year: 1984
Max pressure: 1bar
Max temp: 52°C
Min temp: 0°C
Volume: 4,88m³
Power: 0,5kW


Alfa Laval Aldec


Manufacturer: Alfa Laval
Type: Aldec 2006
Year: 2006

Alfa Laval GL


Manufacturer: Alfa Laval
Type: GL-600

Dicers and cutters



Manufacturer: Holac
Type: AUT 125



Canister sleever

Manufacturer: Comaq
Type: EV 30DE
Year: 2001

Washing machines

Brüel Systems

Automatic tunnel washer for boxes

Manufacturer: Brüel Systems
Type: P1070
Year: 2003
Capacity: 1200 box/h

Unloads and loads box stacks.

Bottle unscramblers

Posimat Master

Bottle unscrambler

Manufacturer: Posimat
Type: Master PET-10
Year: 1997

Fava Artemio

Bottle unscramblers

Manufacturer: Fava Artemio
Type: PB557/3P
Year: 2003

Techno chemistry


Paint bucket filling machine

Manufacturer: Diaf


Paint mixer

Manufacturer: Westerlins
Type: DS75 DS 10

Dairy industry

Alfa Laval, Tetra Pak

Dairy machines

Milk separator
Manufacturer: Alfa Laval
Type: MRPX 214 SGV
Capacity: Milk skimming 12,500 l/h, Milk standardisation 16,500 l/h
Includes: Motor, starter, control unit and special tools.

Milk pasteur
Manufacturer: Alfa Laval
Type: Alfa-Laval CLIP 8
Capacity: 14500 l/h

Milk automatic standardisation unit
Manufacturer: Alfa Laval
Type: Alfast
Capacity: 18000 l/h
Includes: Control unit, flow meter, valves and pumps.

Set of pumps, tanks, valves and pipes.

MKT Evaporator

Dairy process system

Manufacturer: MKT Evaporator
Type: MKT PE-3-80
Year: 1975
Capasity: 10000-14000 l/h
Concentrate ha unit to 57% drymatter

Alfa Laval

Cheese processing system

Manufacturer: Alfa Laval
Type: MRPX514


Filtering process system

Manufacturer: Millipore
Type: PSK UF MSP006029
Volume: 32m²

KF Engineering

Pasteurization machine

Manufacturer: KF Engineering
Type: Pastor



Plastic and cardboard baling press

Manufacturer: Bergamann
Type: PS R1250
Year: 2001
Weight: 880kg
Power: 2,2kW (4.8A 400V)


High pressure blower

Manufacturer: Krämer
Type: VKA-S 18,5kW
Year: 1994
Power: 18,5kW
Air draft: 8500 m3/h 3000pa


High pressure blower

Manufacturer: Krämer
Type: VKA-S 11kW
Year: 1994
Power: 11kW
Air draft: 8500 m3/h 1800 pa


Damrow carton crusher

Manufacturer: Genodan
Year: 1990

Kady Mill


Manufacturer: Kady Mill
Type: 2c
Year: 55kW



Manufacturer: Cortellazzi
Type: MTV 130/86
Year: 1986


Pasilac Flow

Centrifugal pump

Manufacturer: Pasilac Flow
Type: ZMS-410

Pasilac Flow

Centrifugal pump

Manufacturer: Pasilac Flow
Type: K2-KITN-200



Manufacturer: Allspeeds
Type: MS


Process pump

Manufacturer: Maso
Type: SPS-4"


Centrifugal pump

Manufacturer: Fristam
Type: FZ 22 A



Manufacturer: Blackmer
Type: 21G1


Lobe pump

Manufacturer: APV
Type: CL/0/006/10
Max pressure 10bar
Max temp 180°C


5000l Polyethylene tank

Food approved. Unused.

Volume: 5000l
Diameter: 2m
Height: 2m
Maintenance hatch: 60cm

15m³ Tank

Stainless steel.

Volume: 15m3
With maintenance hatch.

500l Tank

Stainless steel

Volume: approx. 500l
Amount: 2pcs

On request with centrifugal pump.

3m³ Tank

Stainless steel.

Volume: 3m³
Diameter: 1,25m
Height 3,25m

4m³ Insulated tank

Stainless steel. With mixer motor.

Volume: 4m³
Diameter: 1,7m
Height: 3,3m (With mixer motor)