Used machinery

Used industrial production and packing machinery

More cost-efficient production with serviced used industrial equipment

We sell, buy, rent and broker high-quality used production machinery and lines. Used equipment is an economical solution for automating the different phases of production for small and large operators alike.

If we do not have a suitable unit in our warehouse, we will acquire one through our Europe-wide network. Contact us and ask for the used unit you need.

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Capping machine

Filling and dosing


Filling machine
Manufacturer: Astepo
Type: CAF 2H/1”
Amount: 2pcs

Big bag filling machine
Manufacturer: ABF
Year 2004

Emball Speedscales

Dosing scale


Scale Filling Machine

Manufacturer: Calumatic
Year: 1991


Vacuum filling machine with different filling tubes

Manufacturer: Vemag
Type: Robot 500
Vuosimalli: 1991

Packaging and sealing

Prepac Minipup

Pouch packaging machine

Manufacturer: Prepac
Type: Minipup IS CPUP N.G

Dimac Star

Shrink tunnel

Manufacturer: Dimac
Type: Star F 30
Year: 2003

Krämer Grebe Tiromat

Thermoforming line

Manufacturer: Krämer Grebe
Type: Tiromat VA 490L
Rail width: 520mm


Box forming machine

Manufacturer: Orfer
Type: D-8915
Year: 1997

Automation + Fördertechnik

Tray former

Manufacturer: Automation + Fördertechnik


Aluminium cap sealing machine

Manufacturer: Calumatic
Year: 1992

Klökner Ferromatic

Horizontal bag machine with volume dispenser

Manufacturer: Klökner
Type: Ferromatic PV 4
Year: 1994

Aseptic packing

FBR Elpo Mini

Aseptic filler

Manufacturer: FBR Elpo
Type: Mini AS-i 250/2
Year: 2010

SIG Combibloc

Aseptic packing machine
Manufacturer: SIG Combibloc
Type: CF 507AJ
Year: 1994

SIG Combibloc

Aseptic packer with capping and pasteurization machine.

Manufacturer: SIG Combibloc
Type: CFA 207-21
Year: 1999

Type: CM/AES 100/2
Year 1999

Capping machine
Type: ACF x 12-12
Year 2007

Pasteurization machine
Type: 1021/94
Year 1995


Aseptic pack capper. New.

Manufacturer: Koneikko Finland Oy
Type: 142
Year: 2013

SIG Combibloc ACF

Aseptic capping machine.

Manufacturer: SIG Combibloc
Type: ACF
Capacity: 7000-12000 packaking per hour
Year: 2007


Belos Jopal


Manufacturer: Belos
Type: Jopal
Year: 1995


Alfa Laval GL


Manufacturer: Alfa Laval
Type: GL-600

Dicers and cutters



Manufacturer: Holac
Type: AUT 125



Canister sleever

Manufacturer: Comaq
Type: EV 30DE
Year: 2001

Washing machines

Brüel Systems

Automatic tunnel washer for boxes

Manufacturer: Brüel Systems
Type: P1070
Year: 2003
Capacity: 1200 box/h

Unloads and loads box stacks.

Bottle unscramblers

Posimat Master

Bottle unscrambler

Manufacturer: Posimat
Type: Master PET-10
Year: 1997

Techno chemistry


Paint bucket filling machine

Manufacturer: Diaf


Paint mixer

Manufacturer: Westerlins
Type: DS75 DS 10

Dairy industry

Alfa Laval, Tetra Pak

Dairy machines

Milk separator
Manufacturer: Alfa Laval
Type: MRPX 214 SGV
Capacity: Milk skimming 12,500 l/h, Milk standardisation 16,500 l/h
Includes: Motor, starter, control unit and special tools.

Milk pasteur
Manufacturer: Alfa Laval
Type: Alfa-Laval CLIP 8
Capacity: 14500 l/h

Milk automatic standardisation unit
Manufacturer: Alfa Laval
Type: Alfast
Capacity: 18000 l/h
Includes: Control unit, flow meter, valves and pumps.

Set of pumps, tanks, valves and pipes.

MKT Evaporator

Dairy process system

Manufacturer: MKT Evaporator
Type: MKT PE-3-80
Year: 1975
Capasity: 10000-14000 l/h
Concentrate ha unit to 57% drymatter

Alfa Laval

Cheese processing system

Manufacturer: Alfa Laval
Type: MRPX514


Filtering process system

Manufacturer: Millipore
Type: PSK UF MSP006029
Volume: 32m²

KF Engineering

Pasteurization machine

Manufacturer: KF Engineering
Type: Pastor



Plastic and cardboard baling press

Manufacturer: Bergamann
Type: PS R1250
Year: 2001
Weight: 880kg
Power: 2,2kW (4.8A 400V)


High pressure blower

Manufacturer: Krämer
Type: VKA-S 18,5kW
Year: 1994
Power: 18,5kW
Air draft: 8500 m3/h 3000pa


High pressure blower

Manufacturer: Krämer
Type: VKA-S 11kW
Year: 1994
Power: 11kW
Air draft: 8500 m3/h 1800 pa

Kady Mill


Manufacturer: Kady Mill
Type: 2c
Year: 55kW



Manufacturer: Cortellazzi
Type: MTV 130/86
Year: 1986


Pasilac Flow

Centrifugal pump

Manufacturer: Pasilac Flow
Type: ZMS-410

Pasilac Flow

Centrifugal pump

Manufacturer: Pasilac Flow
Type: K2-KITN-200



Manufacturer: Allspeeds
Type: MS


Process pump

Manufacturer: Maso
Type: SPS-4"


Centrifugal pump

Manufacturer: Fristam
Type: FZ 22 A



Manufacturer: Blackmer
Type: 21G1


Lobe pump

Manufacturer: APV
Type: CL/0/006/10
Max pressure 10bar
Max temp 180°C


5000l Polyethylene tank

Food approved. Unused.

Volume: 5000l
Diameter: 2m
Height: 2m
Maintenance hatch: 60cm

15m³ Tank

Stainless steel.

Volume: 15m3
With maintenance hatch.

500l Tank

Stainless steel

Volume: approx. 500l
Amount: 2pcs

On request with centrifugal pump.

3m³ Tank

Stainless steel.

Volume: 3m³
Diameter: 1,25m
Height 3,25m

4m³ Insulated tank

Stainless steel. With mixer motor.

Volume: 4m³
Diameter: 1,7m
Height: 3,3m (With mixer motor)